Selasa, 11 Agustus 2015

Maaf Atas Ketidakteraturan Tata Letak Tampilan Blog

Well, gak sengaja edit tampilan blog tanpa mempersiapkan back up. Alhasil bentuknya jadi gak karuan, gak tahu kenapa. Butuh waktu berjam-jam dalam artian bisa seharian buat ngaturnya, ganti wedgetnya, atur ulang wedget yang udah gak berfungsi sebagaimana semestinya. and because I'll be busy for a while, so I can't fix it right now, maybe next time or when I don't have anything to do. so I will let it just like this for a while... Maaf atas kedidaknyamanannya... well... See you  next time.
jujur saya juga gak tahu kapan karena basic saya bukan komputer dan pemprograman, dan saya membuat ini secara otodidak,,, so I need so much effort to start learn it right from the start....  I can imagine how difficult it will be for me..... hiks...hiks...

Note : Maaf,  bahasa yang digunakan gado-gado alias campur jadi satu. But as I always say,, Up to me, I regard it as a practice to be better. so many mistake in tenses, but you know, I am in the middle of learning, so just be patient with my writing. I can't speak English well, but it's not bad too. just average like other people, just simple word that can understand easily, so I wanna improve it tough just a little. if I have mistakes, please correct me.... Sankyu

Minggu, 09 Agustus 2015

Tulisan Hari Ini

Setelah lima bulan vakum akhirnya ada minat nulis sedikit. Postingan kali ini masuk kategori gak penting, why ???  karena mungkin gak ada manfaatnya bagi pembaca,,, well, bagi saya tetap  bermanfaat karena apa pun yang saya tulis bisa ngurangi tingkat stress sedikit....... 
Hari ini hari pertama MOS tingkat universitas. zaman saya masih maba alias mahasiswa baru dulu namanya P2K (Program Pengenalan Kampus) tapi sekarang namanya sudah berubah jadi PK2 (lupa tuh kepanjangannya apa).  Kalau ingat-ingat masalah MOS dulu waktu P2K antara beruntung dan tidak beruntung.

Selasa, 10 Februari 2015

Up to Me

Well, this time I don't wanna give information or post something useful. I'm stress, well in the positive and negative point of you. I just wanna write anything,  so I can be a little bit ease. By the way, I'm sorry if there's so many mistakes in this posting. I can't speak English well, actually I'm really bad in English (and more terrible in Arabic and Japanese just  can introduce myself, lol ). I usually use Google translate when I wanna read or translate something from IND-ENG and reverse. So, don't push yourself to understand it, okay. But today I just wanna write without any help from Google Translate and other similar application. Not Because of I wanna make my English skill sharpen but because I'm stress. this hole week I'm reading journals in English. it makes I head spinning and dazzling...... Oh God please help me to translate it. I need so many hours just translate it, not to understand it,,, and need much more time to understand it. my hands was always bringing dictionary and I still haven't found what I search/want/need ( this is  the source of my stress)..... now I'm at my limit, and this is one of my habit, write everything in English without care with the Grammar, Tenses,,  and any other rules. (really, really don't care). you may try it, this can relieve you a little bit, and playing musical instrument can do too.Well the second thing that make me stress is because I'm stubborn ,,,,,,,,,,, when I have a goal, I'll try it no matter what, even if it is almost impossible  for me and even there's no one believe I can do it. But I still try it as long as there's a possibility ( Because I believe with that kind of miracles). well my stubborn can be a good thing and also annoying for me. Because my emotion will push my brain to do much more extra exercises (I think it is "Hiperbola aka lebay" in Indonesia) I hate it,,, I really hate super tired.... it is like there are 2 me in my body, the one say " come on Riani, you can dot. you have to try harder, harder, and harder than before and the other me say, " I don't wanna do that, please someone stop me cause I can't stop myself......." so complicated and I hate complicated because my brain is just average. it's really trouble me....

well I think enough,,, I'll find my way to solve my problem somehow...... ( I really like  the phrase "We'll do it somehow". it's one of word that heard when I was little. I heard it on one of my favorite anime, and the one that said it was one of my favorite  character  ^smile^ )